S4k S4kt Overhaul Rebuild Kit for MITSUBISHI Engine Piston Bearing Repair Parts

Parts Available:

1set Full Gasket set

4pcs Liner Cylinder/Sleeve,Semi-finished type,without Flange/lip

4pcs Piston, STD Size
4pcs Piston Pin
8pcs Pin Clips

4set Ring set for 4pistons, STD Size

1set Crankshaft bearing set ,STD Size Or Over size +0.25mm/0.50mm

1set Connect Rod Bearing Set,STD Size Or Over size +0.25mm/0.50mm


For Mitsubishi S4K S4KT Diesel Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit: Piston Ring Liner Gasket Bearing Set Diesel Engine Spare Parts

Piston , Piston ring , Cylinder liner, Full gasket kit (including the head gasket and all necessary seal ), Valve (intake , exhaust , seat and guide ), Bush , Main and Con rod bearing . Water pump , Oil pump , Fuel pump, Crankshaft , Camshaft , Connecting rod.


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